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  • Sarah (Thursday, April 25 19 04:57 pm BST)

    Andy manages to combine sensitivity and firmness to give one of the best massages I've ever had. As a fitness professional, my body works hard and knots, soreness and minor issues are part of everyday life. He worked on them all, calmly and professionally, to leave me feeling loose, relaxed and balanced. And he even managed to make my difficult right shoulder drop down from its preferred position at ear level. Highly recommended – and I will be telling my clients.

  • David (Friday, November 16 18 04:40 pm GMT)

    If you need some pampering but at the same time your body is tired and requires some deep tissue therapy following a hammering in the gym just book a massage with Andy.
    I have gone from strength to strength with my gym routine over the last year and put my rapid recovery time down to Andy's massage skills.
    On top of this Andy has the ability to make me both physically and emotionally relaxed and his professionalism, kindness and sensitivity are amazing!
    I'm already looking forward to my next massage!

  • Dave (Sunday, July 29 18 08:54 pm BST)

    Thanks for another marvellous massage Andy.
    I arrived at the treatment room feeling emotionally down and anxious. Andy intuitively focused on the areas of my body which were tense and post massage I felt happier, much more relaxed and ready to cope with life again!
    I just wish the time didn't go so quickly. Your massage is the best!
    Thank you so much.

  • David (Friday, May 18 18 02:26 pm BST)

    Whilst undertaking a particularly intense weight training programme recently, I incorporated three evenly spaced recovery day deep tissue massage sessions with Andy.
    This kind and amazing masseur knows exactly where and how to apply pressure to soothe and work each tired muscle, leaving a body feeling totally relaxed and chilled but at the same time ready for the challenges of the next round of gym training.
    The massages most certainly helped with my muscle recovery and growth and remarkably throughout the entire training programme, I did not suffer any muscle soreness at all.
    Andy thank you for the amazing massage and for helping me to achieve my training goals!

  • Dave (Wednesday, April 11 18 11:31 am BST)

    Until you have experienced one of Andy's Holistic Massage Treatments, you really haven't lived!
    Calm and considerate and with the ability to deal with muscle tension firmly and effectively, Andy is a gifted professional. The awesome feeling of being so relaxed at the end of a treatment that I feel as if I am floating on air for many hours afterwards is truly very special. Thank you Andy.

  • Joel (Tuesday, December 12 17 04:30 pm GMT)

    Andy's massage was amazing! And if you have it at Alive gym you can sauna as well which is also amazing! Thank you!

  • Dave (Friday, December 01 17 10:29 am GMT)

    I have been having regular massages for several years but only discovered this amazing guy a few weeks ago. After two massages I can truly say he is the best masseur I know!
    He is calm, caring and totally professional. He has hands which feel like silk but at the same time uses firm pressure with his arms and elbows to ease out the knots in any muscles.
    Already looking forward to my next massage
    A total natural with a magic touch!

  • Millie Chobert (Wednesday, August 09 17 11:47 pm BST)

    Had a wonderful massage! Andy was professional, calm and friendly. He tended to my requests and worked out my knots without prompt (a sign of holistic treatment). Great value for money, thanks Andy!

  • David (Thursday, May 11 17 01:21 pm BST)

    Andrew is fantastic. He is very responsive to your body and its' needs. I had terrible back pain and after seeing Andrew a few times the pain has began to dissipate and I couldn't be happier. Truly a genius.

  • Tim (Thursday, May 11 17 01:14 pm BST)

    Andy gives, quite simply, the best massages I have ever had. His calm, gentle and very sensitive manner puts you immediately at ease, and he makes you feel safe and respected, even before you lie on the comfortable, heated couch. He has an amazing technique, of long, smooth, nicely firm strokes, but done very slowly, so you really feel the muscles warming up and yielding completely to his touch.During yesterday's treatment I felt utterly 'transported' - couldn't even say I drifted off; more like I was on another planet of utter zen-like relaxation. The after-effects were amazing too, my knotted, seized-up legs and back smoothed out, flexible and in fully working order again! And I had the best night's sleep in ages.
    I don't think I have ever had a massage therapist listen so carefully to what you say, and then locate and heal the problem areas with such focus, care, and attention.
    I cannot recommend Andy highly enough, and I look forward already to my next session with him.

I Feel so much better and it was a great massage, thank you. I drank plenaty of water and do feel like toxins have been flushed out.'



'Andy is absolutely perfect if you need a little pamper and relaxation. He has an extremely gentle manor and you will feel instantly calmer just being around him. He asks if there are any injuries or pains that may need attention and also if the pressure is right for you. The couch was warm, the music was beautiful and I felt light and fluffy afterwards, just perfect!'



"Andy came to my house this morning and bought with him the full set up and within minutes my bedroom was a treatment room. The bed is heated and comfortable, the service was just spot on. Relaxing, (I fell asleep twice) but deep enough to unwind the muscles of even myself (a fitness trainer)

I would fully recommend Andy to anyone. 5 stars."




"I felt very safe comfortable and relaxed whilst receiving my massage and felt very relaxed and happy afterwards."



"Amazing! Felt relaxed and at the same time energised afterwards"



"Very relaxing, measured, methodical - Clearly skilled in their practice"




"very good experience, all knots in legs gone, back feels so much better, feels like my legs work again! Many thanks."



"Neck back and shoulders feel so much better and a much bigger range of movement again after treatment."



"I am not used to receiving massage therapy, I had not realised how good it would feel and how much better I would feel afterwards."



"Fantastic experience, very relaxing, great way to de-stress after a long week at work."



"Felt amazing! Felt very relaxed safe and comfortable"



"After a very busy day, receiving a treatment felt like I had a moment to myself which left me very relaxed and as if all the stress had melted away."



"Felt very comfortable, things were explained clearly in simple language."




"Really enjoyed the experience of the treatment, felt much better after it in many ways, particularly top of back and shoulders which had felt very tense, now feel as if my back is a lot broader and shoulders are where they should be!"



"I felt that all of my problems and conditions had been listened to as focus was placed on some of my problem areas due to my new training schedule in preparation for a marathon. Andy has a real understanding of the body and how it works. Legs felt so much better. I also felt relaxed almost dreamy afterwards, sleeping very well that night."



"I drive to and from work every day along congested motorways, my neck and back had become very tense. I had a wonderful experience when treated by Andy and the next day I noticed a real difference when driving, with a lot more range of movement in my neck and felt more alert"




"I have received a number of massage treatments from Andy at Pure Massage. On each occasion Andy’s calm and caring manner helped me to feel I was in safe hands. He is also very good at listening to my needs as a patient and is attentive to any problems or areas of tension I have in my body that has caused me problems. This is often in shoulders and back after working at a lap-top. Following a treatment I really feel so much better its always followed by the best nights sleep. The treatment bed is very comfortable; I often feel I can drift off during a treatment. The fact that’s it’s a mobile service is great for me and my busy lifestyle, I do not have to waste time travelling to and from the appointment. With the extra advantage of following the treatment I can just relax in my own home with no travelling out in the cold"





"I have now had three massage sessions with Andy. He manages to totally transform my body from being stressed and on edge from work stress into a chilled and relaxed state. I also really notice a change in my sleep patterns and find I'm able to switch off as a result of the work he does on me. He has a firm touch and such a calming personality that it always works and I will continue to come back. His rates are great too, making this little bit of luxury easily affordable. I heartily recommend him...

...Very soothing, really healed aches and pains"




"I had felt very relaxed during and after my treatment, sleeping better that night than I had for a very long time. The following day feeling amazing."




"I could have very easily fallen asleep during the treatment as felt so relaxed. I work lots of different shift paterns as a paramedic. Leaving work after long stressful shifts had caused me to have very bad sleeping habits, often not able to switch off and sleep. After the massage treatment I slept the best nights sleep ever. Andy was very understanding of my needs and tailored the treatment to help me, taking on board the stiffness in my leg muscles from weight training. My legs after treatment also felt smooth and flexible again. I was very pleased with my experience"




"Felt Fantastic, a good pressure applied, feel so much better afterwards, could esily just fall asleep"




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